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No ones updated in a while.
I was talking to the mod (Caitlin) and this conversation was the result of our future stage crew.

DiTzYfIsH07 (1:34:58 AM): haha my cheese was grilled...in bed! ohh! not really
BLUEFISHIES89 (1:35:49 AM): lol that's....kinda weird. how exactly would one grill a cheese in bed? is there a hot plate involved? that would be painful.
DiTzYfIsH07 (1:36:18 AM): well if the bed was in the kitchen...
BLUEFISHIES89 (1:36:33 AM): who puts their bed in their kitchen?
BLUEFISHIES89 (1:36:45 AM): and why would you want a hot plate in your bedchen?
DiTzYfIsH07 (1:36:49 AM): i dont know. i have a computer in my kitchen so maybe me
BLUEFISHIES89 (1:37:16 AM): your computer wouldn't burn your flesh though.
DiTzYfIsH07 (1:37:47 AM): true
BLUEFISHIES89 (1:37:56 AM): if it did, I'd be worried for you.
BLUEFISHIES89 (1:38:10 AM): AND you don't have a bed in your kitchen.
DiTzYfIsH07 (1:39:14 AM): but i could! but then it would block the fridge and i would die of thirst. or i would kill myself by melting my flesh off while making a grill cheese in bed
BLUEFISHIES89 (1:40:43 AM): you could drink out of your sink, and then not ever make a grill cheese. just eat a cheese sandwich!
DiTzYfIsH07 (1:42:00 AM): but then there are all those sharp knives...so in conclusion dont put your bed in the kitchen because there are too many hazards. and mrs.pastoria, fuck MLA format
DiTzYfIsH07 (1:43:17 AM): I DONT KNOW!
BLUEFISHIES89 (1:43:33 AM): Where did MLA format come from?!
DiTzYfIsH07 (1:44:32 AM): cuz i said in conclusion
BLUEFISHIES89 (1:45:12 AM): ohhhhhhhhhh. this makes so much more sense now. :-)
DiTzYfIsH07 (1:45:41 AM): lol
BLUEFISHIES89 (1:46:40 AM): okay. so no beds in kitchens. it's a plan. But wait, what if you get hungry at night and need food, but don't want to get out of bed?
DiTzYfIsH07 (1:47:04 AM): well...then youre screwed
BLUEFISHIES89 (1:47:44 AM): so I, I mean-that person will just be starving to death in bed because they can't sleep next to their stove and fridge?!
DiTzYfIsH07 (1:48:29 AM): well they might live
DiTzYfIsH07 (1:48:33 AM): if theyre lucky
BLUEFISHIES89 (1:49:01 AM): but what if they aren't?!?! Aren't you concerned about the chances of this person dying?!?! THEY NEED THEIR FOOD!
DiTzYfIsH07 (1:51:20 AM): they should have eaten earlier
BLUEFISHIES89 (1:54:51 AM): they may not have been hungry earlier.
DiTzYfIsH07 (1:56:46 AM): then thats too bad
BLUEFISHIES89 (1:56:58 AM): so cruel.

The year should be interesting.

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