Dory (artisticblksoul) wrote in nine_o_eight,

Ever notice no one updates?? Lol Anyways... Sara Dory here. Anyone excited for next years play/musical? I am I can't wait AH! If you don't know already Stew wants to do that Murder Mystery one and Grease... sheerly for money though becuz well we are broke! I do have an idea though thats been brought up... why not at crew we put our pop cans/bottles in a big can and recycle??? it will give us 10 cents becuz Michiganders are kewl and get 10 cents instead of 5 ^_^... lol or we could have a bake sale... if crew doesnt eat it all first o_o ^_^ yay food... we could ask Momma Morey to make her f*ing awesome brownies and my mom said she would bake stuff.... it would be prettie kewl don't you think??? OH! I forgot to mention... My Dad said he wanted to get involved with crew too... hes prettie handy and said he would try his best to get stuff we need and help... I dunno.. gotta wait till summers over *so bored* but yea... that was my pointless babble about stuff ^_^
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