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How many of you live in Michigan?! (sees hands raised)

Alright, well then! This is for you! Channel 7 News chose 3 bands from the Tri-County Area (Macomb County, Oakland County, and Wayne County) to perform at Campus Martuis Park for a band competition. We will be playing during the 5 am and 7 am news slots. Our band, East Detroit High School Shamrock Marching Band, will be getting up dark and early! Yes...I said dark! 2 am! We must be at the school ready to depart, full uniform, music, and such by 3 am! Anyway. This is a "Battle of the Bands" type competition! You, the viewers and citizens of Michigan, must call in a vote! Of course you may vote for another band, but it would be GREATLY appreciated if you could vote for the East Detroit High School Shamrock Marching Band!!!!! Thank you in advance! The Shamrocks really appreciate it!

Emily J. (Member of the East Detroit High School Shamrock Marching Band Low Brass Line)

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